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Kemotech srl

KemoTech is an SME founded in June 2006, as a spin-off of the National Research Council (CNR) and of the Italian Company PharmaNess Scarl. The Company features a strong innovative technical-scientific connotation, and operates through research and development initiatives, production and services in the areas of organic and synthetic chemistry, development and/or optimization of preparation procedures of synthetic derivatives, development of novel compounds and formulations, with applications in pharmaceutical sector, veterinary, cosmetic, biochemistry, nano-technologies, drug delivery, material science, agriculture products.
Since November 2007 the Company KemoTech is based in the Building 3 of the Scientific and Technological Park of Sardinia (Pula, CA, Italy), where it has the use of offices and laboratories suitably equipped to perform industrial research and development activities in the sectors listed above.


  • Development and/or optimization of procedures and processes for the synthesis of peptides and small molecules for pharmaceutical applications
  • Modification and conjugation of proteins and antibodies
  • Fluorine chemistry
  • Novel technological platforms for the drug delivery and the preparations of cosmetics with significant shelf-life
  • Novel formulations for surface treatments
  • Modified polymers


KemoTech Srl intends to license or sale the proprietary patents and patent applications to third parties. Experimental data concerning the platforms (products, processes, uses) developed by KemoTech are available and they can be supplied upon specific request.


Research activity

KemoTech’s research activity is principally focused on drug discovery for oncology, particularly on the development of ...

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Scientific and applicative expertise is highlighted by more than than 200 international published papers ...

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Scientific and applicative expertise is highlighted by more than 30 international patent grants, ...

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Kemotech s.r.l.

c/o Parco Scientifico della Sardegna

Ed. 3 - Loc. Piscinamanna

09010 Pula (CA) - Sardinia - Italy

VAT: IT03042830921


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